What is United in Peace?

UNITED IN PEACE is a growing multi-ethnic, multi-faith popular movement that is successfully uniting the diverse peoples of Los Angeles County to work together in bringing peace to our inner cities.

The goal is to reduce the negative of violence in our communities by concentrating more of our peoples’ attention and energy on creating the positive of peace. 

Borne in the streets of South LA and comprised entirely of concerned citizens and community groups, since October 2012 every month United in Peace organizes and produces the now famous PEACE RIDES and UNITED IN PEACE DAY festivals and concerts. 

The Peace Rides have traveled throughout LA, Long Beach, Compton, Carson and Inglewood. Along the way these rides have impacted the lives of countless thousands, distributing peace materials including The Way to Happiness and the Million Man March pledge, while effectively bringing together people of all faiths, backgrounds and interests in our common goal for more a peaceful society.  

Law enforcement and government leaders have now recognized and acknowledged reductions in violence and crime rates in neighborhoods touched by the Peace Rides. 

United in Peace is working. 

This is a movement, not a “program” or a “campaign.” Peace is a universal hope; that native urge inside every one of us. Peace is something we can all get behind. So, this movement is yours. It is ours. Together, let us be United in Peace.