United in Peace has received commendations from two members of the United States Congress; the Mayors of Los Angeles, Compton, Carson and Inglewood; the President of the Los Angeles City Council; the City Councils of Compton, Carson and a member of the Long Beach City Council. These recognitions acknowledge the work of all in the community who are working to bring about peace through this unique and unprecedented peace movement.

“...there has been a subsequent and observable decrease in crime in many of the aforementioned communities [Los Angeles, Compton, Watts, Long Beach, Carson, Inglewood] that have been touched by these Peace Rides.”
— United States Congresswoman Janice Hahn
“...[the] United in Peace movement has successfully united peoples of diverse cultures, creeds and interest for the common goal and good of fostering peace in the communities of greater Los Angeles...”
— Carson Mayor and City Council
“...the presence of the Peace Rides in the City of Compton not only inspired residents to come together in the name of peace, but each ride has also immediately preceded statistical drops in crime.”
— Compton Mayor and City Council