Over 300 community groups and organizations have participated in or otherwise supported the Peace Rides. These include motorcycle and car clubs, churches and religious institutions, gang intervention and mentorship programs as well as members of law enforcement and government.

In particular, United in Peace has received incredible cooperation from a number of public servants who have not only endorsed, but put their shoulder to the wheel to help grow this popular movement. Based on statistics provided to the public by the LA County Sheriff’s Dept and Los Angeles Police Dept, many of these officials have recognized notable decreases in crime rates coincident with the presence of the Peace Rides in the cities and neighborhoods they represent and serve. 

Though in reality, there is no “coincidence.” For when concerned citizens come together, from the streets to City Hall, there is nothing we as a community cannot accomplish. This is what it means to be United in Peace.


Aja Brown
Al Austin
Albert Lord III
Alita Godwin
Bernard Parks
Bob Green
Charlie Beck
Dr. Willie Jones
Elito Santarina
Eric Boyd
Eric Garcetti
Eric Perrodin
Herb Wesson Jr.
James Butts
James Madea
Janice Hahn
Janna Zurita
Jim Dear
Julie Ruiz-Raber
Karen Bass
Lee Baca
Lillie Dobson
Lula Davis-Holmes
Mike Gipson
Robert Fager
Robert Luman
Yvonne Arceneaux

Mayor of Compton 
Long Beach City Councilman 
Deputy District Officer for the President of LA City Council
Compton City Clerk
Los Angeles City Councilman
Deputy Chief of Los Angeles Police Dept
Chief of the Los Angeles Police Dept 
Compton City Councilman
Carson City Councilman
Deputy District Director for Congresswoman Hahn
Mayor of Los Angeles
Former Mayor of Compton
President of the Los Angeles City Council
Mayor of Inglewood
Captain of Inglewood Police Dept
United States Congresswoman
Compton City Councilwoman
Mayor of Carson
Former Carson City Councilwoman  
United States Congresswoman 
Sheriff of Los Angeles County
Former Compton City Councilwoman
Carson City Councilwoman 
Carson City Councilman 
Chief of Hawthorne Police Dept
Commander of Long Beach Police Dept
Compton City Councilwoman